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AUGUST 09, 2014
New album fundraier

Artizan have launched their Indiegogo campaign for the forthcoming third album "The Furthest Reaches". You can help make their first concept album here.

"And Justice for Art" (a website focused on talking about heavy metal album cover artwork) have already nominated the Eliran Kantor designed artwork for album of the year - go read their comments here.

MAY 31, 2014
Next album update

Artizan have announced that they will be in the studio this September working with legendary producer Jim Morris (Iced Earth, Crimson Glory, Death) once again. This will be their first, fully realized concept album featuring a sci-fi theme. Fans can expect all of the musical elements that Artizan are known for: melodic heavy metal with dynamically progressive passages and some serious hooks. The story will take the listener on an emotional journey of hope, struggle, adventure and discovery. Artizan have also announced that they will be offering two versions of the physical release: a standard CD with artwork by Marc Sasso who illustrated the first Artizan album 'Curse of the Artizan' and a special limited edition CD featuring the artwork of Berlin based artist, Eliran Kantor (Testament, Hatebreed). Eliran created the art for the current Artizan CD 'Ancestral Energy.' The fans will essentially have a choice of how they can experience the visual representation of the new album.

FEBRUARY 01, 2014
New merchandise available

Click on the link to the STORE above and go check out our new shirt design which is available for only $19 + shipping.

NOVEMBER 01, 2013
Support Artizan's upcoming tour through Indiegogo

We are a melodic heavy metal band from Jacksonville, Florida and have a long drive ahead of us for the tour. We will be performing nine shows with Fates Warning in December. We will leave Florida, play three shows in Texas, then to Arizona , three more shows in California, then we head up to Portland, and finally, Seattle. But wait! Then, we have a three day drive back to our homes in Florida. Whew! That is over 7,000 miles and gas isn't cheap! Help us out by contributing to our cause so we can put fuel in the tour van. Help us "Fuel Our Fate." Take a look at all of the perks!

SEPTEMBER 22, 2013
Artizan to tour with Fates Warning

We're thrilled to announce that ARTIZAN will be touring in December 2013 with power/prog legends Fates Warning across the USA.

12.03.2013 - Scout Bar, Houston, TX, USA - w. Fates Warning
12.04.2013 - Backstage Live, San Antonio, TX, USA - w. Fates Warning
12.05.2013 - Trees, Dallas, TX, USA - w. Fates Warning
12.07.2013 - Club Red, Tempe, AZ, USA - w. Fates Warning
12.08.2013 - Brick by Brick, San Diego, CA, USA - w. Fates Warning
12.10.2013 - The Whiskey, Los Angeles, CA, USA - w. Fates Warning
12.11.2013 - DNA Lounge, San Fransisco, CA, USA- w. Fates Warning
12.13.2013 - Hawthorne Theater, Portland, OR, USA- w. Fates Warning
12.14.2013 - Studio Seven, Seattle, WA, USA- w. Fates Warning

SEPTEMBER 14, 2013
Official new video

The amazing new video for the song "The Guardian" is available now for your viewing pleasure;

MAY 06, 2013
Full stream of entire album

Today, presents the exclusive premiere of Ancestral Energy, the guitar-heavy new album by Artizan. Ancestral Energy will be released May 14 by Pure Steel Records. Listen here:

MAY 01, 2013
Ancestral Energy - first listen

Jacksonville Florida's melodic metal quartet ARTIZAN have released the single "I Am the Storm" from their forthcoming sophomore effort "Ancestral Energy". Check out the song courtesy of Metal Underground HERE.

Although they have created a truly unique sound for themselves, many comparisons to classic Iron Maiden, Queensryche and Fates Warning have been made. Clean, multi-octave vocals, classic riffing, spirited melodies and a touch of progressive elements are woven into the seven tracks on the new album. Matt Barlow (Ex-Iced Earth) is a special guest on the epic 10 minute title track. The album illustration was created by Berlin based artist Eliran Kantor (Testament,Evile,Hatebreed,Atheist,Sigh).

"Ancestral Energy" will be released on May 10, 2013 via Pure Steel Records.
Pre-order in North America here:
European orders are availble here:

FEBRUARY 07, 2013
Album news

Melodic power metal act ARTIZAN have chosen Eliran Kantor to create the artwork for their upcoming album Ancestral Energy. Eliran has accumulated an extensive body of work including pieces for TESTAMENT, HATEBREED, SIGH, ATHEIST and AGHORA.

Artizan founder/drummer Ty Tammeus states: "Eliran has impressed me with his previous illustrations; he is a young, gifted artist, who will inject his unique talents into a masterpiece for the new Artizan album. I am amazed how he has completely immersed himself into our music, and the story of our characters, to develop a concept for the album cover unlike anything I have ever seen."

The band recently released an advance single and video for the forthcoming album Ancestral Energy. The new single titled "The Death Of Me" showcases all of the elements Artizan established on their first album Curse Of The Artizan - check it out here:

Due out on May 10th via Pure Steel Records, Ancestral Energy was recorded at Morrisound Studios in Tampa, Florida with legendary metal producer Jim Morris. Ex-ICED EARTH singer Matt Barlow makes a very special guest appearance on the new albums title track.

JUNE 02, 2012
Matt Barlow (ex-Iced Earth) to guest on new album

We are pleased to announce a very special guest appearance by heavy metal vocal legend Matt Barlow on our forthcoming album 'Ancestral Energy.' Matt will be performing with Artizan singer Tom Braden on the title track, an epic song which will reveal a deep back story to the Artizan character.

APRIL 24, 2012
New album title

New album title revealed! Artizan will be recording their new album, "Ancestral Energy", later this summer at Morrisound Studios. Once again, they are joining forces with legendary producer Jim Morris (Iced Earth, Crimson Glory, Death) to bring you more melodic power metal. The new CD is slated to be released in April 2013 via Pure Steel Records.

JANUARY 19, 2012
A short update

Artizan are now deep into the songwriting for the next album. You can expect a release sometime in 2013.

SEPTEMBER 03, 2011
New t-shirts on the store

We have our "The Chisel Unlocks the Pain" t-shirts for sale on the merchandise store now - only $25 including shipping worldwide. Or buy the special combo, including both the shirt and our album "Curse of the Artizan".

JULY 28, 2011
"Curse Of The Artizan" now officially released in the US and Canada

Get your copy now at Century Media Distro for only $11.48:

JULY 18, 2011
30.000 FB fans

We have now reached 30.000 FaceBook fans! Thank you so much for the support. You all rock!

MAY 24, 2011
New York City show added to the August tour

Here is the final tour schedule:
- August 16, 2011 - Sullivan Hall, New York City, NY
- August 17, 2011 - Jaxx, Springfield, VA
- August 18, 2011 - Volume 11, Raleigh, NC
- August 19, 2011 - The Local @ Sidelines, Marietta, GA
- August 20, 2011 - The Haven, Orlando, FL
- August 21, 2011 - The Local 662, St. Petersburg, FL

MAY 18, 2011
Artizan interview online

Here's a brand new interview with drummer Ty Tammeus from Danish webzine POWER OF METAL:

MAY 13, 2011
"Curse Of The Artizan" available on iTunes

The debut album "Curse Of The Artizan" is now available on iTunes:

MAY 06, 2011
Artizan announces US East Coast tour for August 2011

Artizan will be touring together with Creation's End, Seven Kingdoms and Widow on the "Uniting The Powers Of Metal Tour" in August 2011.

Here are the dates:
- August 17, 2011 - Jaxx, Springfield, VA
- August 18, 2011 - Volume 11, Raleigh, NC
- August 19, 2011 - The Local @ Sidelines, Marietta, GA
- August 20, 2011 - The Haven, Orlando, FL
- August 21, 2011 - The Local 662, St. Petersburg, FL

APRIL 25, 2011
New homepage online - preorder the album

Our brand new homepage is online. Have fun browsing these pages!

Don't forget that the "Curse Of The Artizan" album will be released in just four days, and that you already now can preorder it either through Pure Steel Records (if you live in Europe/Asia/Australia) or through our Artizan WebStore (if you live in North, Central or South America).

MARCH 21, 2011
New cover artwork

Melodic metal act Artizan has released the artwork for their forthcoming CD 'Curse of the Artizan'

Fantasy artist Marc Sasso (Dio, Halford) has created characters based on the conceptual idea of the album's title track 'Curse of the Artizan.' The album contains an intro track to 'Curse of the Artizan' titled 'Torment' which illustrates the Artizan as a child being bullied and ostracized. As the Artizan matures, he discovers he was born with a gift to sculpt and paint characters which come to life and seek retribution on those that were cruel to him. In the CD artwork we see a beast that he has sculpted from granite that is coming to life and breaking free. The beast will soon be delivering vengeance to those who scarred the Artizan.

You can view a large version of the artwork here:

The album is set for an April 29th release via Pure Steel Records.

FEBRUARY 23, 2011
20,000 Facebook friends now!!!

The activity on our facebook page has been phenomenal! We are pleased to announce that we have over 20,000 'like's' !! Welcome to the new fans of Artizan, and thank you to those that have been with us since the beginning! 2011 will be very exciting. Visit us on facebook here

FEBRUARY 12, 2011
17,000 Facebook friends ...

We're very proud to say that we have reached our next goal of 17,000 friends and fans on facebook. Thank you so much to all of you who've made this possible. Let us now try for 20,000 ;-)

FEBRUARY 05, 2011
Release date announced ...

Melodic metal act Artizan has announced that April 29th 2011 will be the official release date for their first full length CD titled Curse of the Artizan. The release will be available worldwide via the German based label Pure Steel Records.

The track listing is as follows:
Curse of the Artizan
Trade the World
Game Within a Game
The Man in Black
Fading Story

The title track Curse of the Artizan clocks in at close to ten minutes and will reveal the story of who exactly the 'Artizan' is. Fantasy artist Marc Sasso (Dio, Halford) is creating the artwork for the CD, which will feature the Artizan character and other elements which are integral to the storyline of Curse of the Artizan.

Artizan founder/drummer, Ty Tammeus, states, "Marc has outdone himself with this project. The characters he has created and the level of detail applied are beyond what I envisioned. I wanted to establish unique, identifiable characters relating to the Artizan concept that are captivating to the viewer. Marc has achieved that for us. The artwork is just plain badass!"

The final artwork will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Artizan has also announced that Ty Tammeus will be at this year's Keep it True Festival in Germany to promote the CD release. Ty will be at the Pure Steel Records merchandise booth. The festival is April 29th and 30th.

JANUARY 27, 2011
Support Artizan on ReverbNation ...

Support Artizan by sharing our widget:

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JANUARY 18, 2011
10.000 Facebook Fans ...

We have now reached our first goal of 10,000 fans on facebook. We extend our gratitude to all of the people from numerous countries that are now supporting us. We believe 2011 will be a tremendous year of growth that can only happen with the help of the fans. Thank you!

JANUARY 17, 2011
T-Shirts sold out ...

We've sold out all the shirts we had - thank you to everyone who bought one!!!

We're of course going to have a new batch printed soon, and we might be able to offer some different new designs as well. But for now, only the 3-song EP is available. For those who haven't already gotten their copy of the EP, head over to the store for your copy.

DECEMBER 28, 2010
First song from upcoming album streaming live ...

You can now check out the song "The Man In Black" from our upcoming full length album (to be released Worldwide spring 2011 through Pure Steel Records). Go visit our FACEBOOK page to listen to the song.

DECEMBER 07, 2010
Second video clip from studio online ...

NOVEMBER 22, 2010
Video clip from recording studio online ...

Melodic metal act ARTIZAN has released the first of several studio clips, which they plan to unveil before the release of their new album.

In the first portion of the clip, you will see a cellist and bassist performing a dynamic piece which will be included in one of the new songs.

Artizan founder/drummer Ty Tammeus states, "We were striving to implement captivating dynamics in the new material; there are a lot of peaks and valleys. I believe we have heavy, catchy riffs and some very memorable melodic vocal passages. Traditional, melodic metal with a touch of the progressive element is what we are all about."

You can view the studio clip below.

Artizan recently finished recording with legendary producer, Jim Morris. The new album is slated for an early 2011 release through Pure Steel Records. Further updates to follow.

NOVEMBER 11, 2010
Shirt and EP package available at the Artizan Webstore ...

You can now get the brandnew Artizan tshirt along with the 3-song EP as a bundle deal only at the Artizan Webstore.

NOVEMBER 01, 2010
Tony Smotherman performs on Artizan debut ...

Artizan founder Ty Tammeus is pleased to announce that world class shredder Tony Smotherman has performed the guitar solo's for the forthcoming Artizan album. "Tony constructed some very intense, yet melodic, musical solo's that take our material to another level. I was blown away." Tony Smotherman recently signed with Steve Vai on his label 'Favored Nations'. You can learn more about Tony here

OCTOBER 20, 2010
Marc Sasso to create album cover for Artizan ...

Artizan has commissioned fantasy artist Marc Sasso for the upcoming Artizan album.

Artizan founder Ty Tammeus states; "I have followed Marc for many years after first seeing his artwork on the Dio 'Killing the Dragon' album, then on Dio's 'Master of the Moon' . Marc is a very cool guy who loves our style of metal, and I cannot imagine a better artist to convey our vision."

You can check out samples of Marc's work at

AUGUST 31, 2010
Pathfinder MetalFest Update ...

Due to scheduling conflicts, Jon Oliva's Pain has had to cancel their participation in PATHFINDER METALFEST. However, another great headliner has been found in Crimson Glory. The date of the festival has been moved back a week to November 06th 2010 - location is still The Local in Marietta, GA.

Here's the poster for the PATHFINDER METALFEST (to take place in Marietta, GA on November 06th).

(click to view large version)

AUGUST 18, 2010
Nice new review ...

Here's a nice little review of the EP from Greek webzine Magic Starlight.

JULY 01, 2010
Artizan inks endorsement deal with TAYE DRUMS ...

Ty Tammeus is proud to announce his official drum endorsement from Taye drums.

"These drums have the attack and resonance I was wanting for the Artizan sound. The birch wood of my Taye Studio Birch kit provides the right warmth and punch, they really cut through."

Thanks to sales and marketing manager West Wheeler at Taye for arranging this partnership.

- Link:

JUNE 26, 2010
Show in Georgia on Halloween ...

ARTIZAN is proud to announce its participation in the 2010 edition of the annual PATHFINDER METALFEST, to be held at the Local venue in Marietta, GA on October 30th.

Hosted by Pathfinder Promotions,, the event this year will, besides ARTIZAN, feature such great acts as Icarus Witch and Theocracy alongside headliner Jon Oliva's Pain.

This also marks ARTIZAN first gig outside of Florida and will serve as a hint at bigger things to come. The band is currently hard at work on their debut full length album to be released early 2011 Worldwide through Pure Steel Records.

JUNE 14, 2010
Twitter ...

Artizan has joined the world of tweets - find us on

MAY 31, 2010
Great new review ...

A really awesome review of the Artizan EP has been posted on the Sacred Metal webzine. Check it out right here.

MAY 25, 2010
ARTIZAN taps Jim Morris for next album ...

Artizan has enlisted the services of legendary producer Jim Morris (Iced Earth, Crimson Glory) to complete the recording of the upcoming full-length album. Plans are in place to start recording in late October and have an early 2011 release!

The new material is consistent with the three songs that have been released on the EP, including an epic song that we hope will capture all of the elements our fans expect from Artizan.

MAY 19, 2010
ARTIZAN sign Worldwide deal with PURE STEEL RECORDS ...

We’re very proud to announce that US melodic power metal band ARTIZAN has signed a Worldwide deal with German-based record label PURE STEEL RECORDS for the upcoming release of the as-of-yet untitled debut full length album.

ARTIZAN, hailing from Jacksonville, Florida, was formed by original members of the acclaimed Century Media recording artist Leviathan, and released it’s self-titled debut EP in late 2009. With a strong resemblance to such great bands as Iron Maiden, Queensryche, Fates Warning and Crimson Glory, ARTIZAN is undoubtedly one of the best exponents of what classic heavy metal is all about.

ARTIZAN founder Ty Tammeus states:
"Pure Steel Records is an ever evolving label that is making significant progress signing and distributing quality bands of our genre of metal. We are proud to have a relationship with Pure Steel which will provide fans around the world access to our new album in 2011. We would like to thank Claus and Lars, our management team at Intromental, for orchestrating this deal."

PURE STEEL RECORDS product manager Andreas Lorentz adds:
"We are very happy that ARTIZAN (USA), one the most exciting new bands of the year 2010, has signed with us. Thanks for your confidence. The mix of Melodic and Power Metal in US-Style with slight progressive touches is absolutely perfect and compelling. The band is just amazing, musically and instrumentally, but this is no miracle to us, because every single musician in the band has his own high class. We expect nothing but a really great album."

PURE STEEL RECORDS growing roster includes such great metal acts as Aska, Jackal, Zandelle, The Prowlers, Dragonsfire and Ivory Tower.

The debut album of ARTIZAN will be recorded in the fall of 2010 with an expected release in early 2011.

MAY 06, 2010
New review of EP ...

In the "music" section of this site you'll see a couple of reviews we've gotten of the EP. Today we just added a brand new one from Metal Underground webzine.

We have also launched a new version of our myspace page. You can find it here:

APRIL 29, 2010
Mobile website online ...

Today we launched one of the first mobile sites for all of you mobile metal heads!
This will allow our fans to view the new Artizan website while on the go.

To access the mobile version of the new Artizan website click on "mobile" at the Artizan home page or go to

Most all major mobile phones are supported and more will be added in the near future.
Visit us regularly with your hand held device for all current Artizan news.

APRIL 27, 2010
New website online ...

Welcome to the new Artizan website! We will keep you updated to all Artizan related events through this news section of the site.

This summer will be a very busy time for us. We are currently directing all of our focus on writing the remaining material for the forthcoming full album. Yes, we will be releasing a full album sometime in 2011! The first three songs are available on the physical EP which can be purchased from the “music” portion of this website, or you can d/load the tracks via iTunes. The physical CD is limited to 750 copies.

Please check back regularly for news and press releases. Although we are not at liberty to divulge any information at this time, there will be exciting news in the near future.

Please visit Artizan on facebook and become a fan!